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What others say about "The Rock'o'graph"

"I wanna use your pictures, because I think yours are the best!“
John Hayes from Mothers Finest

"great job my friend. I look foward to seeing more of your work reall soon."
PapaBluz Miller

"Cool shots… "
Wyzard Bass from Mothers Finest

"I've been enjoying the pics very much. Thanks for posting them!“
Steve Elson from Hazmat Modine

"Holy shit! I look like my father! Thank you for the photos!"
Erik Della Penna from Hazmat Modine

Ciao Paco! Thanks a lot! Beautiful picture! Hope to see you soon again!
Stefano Dallaporta from Morblus

"Thanks for the passion you put into your work.  It really shows!“
Rocky Athas playing Guitar with John Mayall

"Very cool pix!! Thank you."
Tony Franklin The Fretless Monster playing Bass with Kenny Wayne Shepherd

"you are the special one“
Jordi Alvarez from Big Yuyu

"YOU ARE ROCK'N'ROLL!!! Thank you so much Paco! Love your Pictures.“
Oliver Maronn from Waldmeister ist Retro

 "your work is AWESOME!!!!“
Monise Zappeij

„:..really great photos (even if I'm not in any of them!!!)
Ali Ferguson playing guitar with Ray Wilson


Thoughts from "The Rock'o'graph"

"kind of funny. Magazins don't take my photos cause they are too special. The first 3 galleries are not interested because it's too special. Most of the promoters don't support me - maybe it's too special. Am I a „specialist?“

"Why are some easy things are so goddamn difficult some times?“

"Trying to get photo passes is a bit like applying for a new job - hours of research, writing tons of request, hoping, getting a lot of No's, getting disappointed often and winning sometimes. Big difference: Having success means spending money, not earning it“

"Jesus ist still alive. He makes his living by playing guitar in a Rock'n Roll Band. Saw him last weekend........praise the Lord“

"....maybe I'm just afraid of the critics.....puzzled…"

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